Monday, December 5, 2011


             Now that I have finished the project it is easier for me to think clearly about it and to make a retrospective analysis of it.

What I learned the most about doing this project is definitely working with sound elements. First in recording, I realized how crucial are sound levels, and how the slightly outdoor noise can become a big audio interference once I listened to the interview I recorded. Indeed, we recorded the interview outside, on the East building rooftop to create a more friendly environment, since it was the first time that Marine and I ever meet. Because I did not use a foam screen on the Zoom recorder, I realized afterwards how lucky I was that the interview was still audible enough to be edited. Also about the interview recording process, I now understand how important it is for the interviewer to remain focus and by all means silent during the interview, to allow the subject to talk and finish their sentences. I discovered while editing that any breath sound or “hum” from me could become a real pain in seeking for smooth editing.

Using Final Cut was not the biggest discovery for me since as a Film major I use it for many other classes. However young filmmaker like me always need a good reason to practice and improve on editing.

My biggest regret about this project is certainly that my subject left the class very early on the semester. I just had time to do one audio recording with her. Not having her around and barely knowing her made the task really harder. I had no possibility to do additional sound records and moreover I was not able to shoot any still or moving image of her. This somehow killed a part of my inspiration and my motivation about the whole project.

Though, those circumstances taught me how to adapt and to improvise with an unexpected situation, and I have the feeling this will happen again in the future.

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