Monday, October 24, 2011


The clip of Bjork’s song " Hyperballad ", directed by Michel Gondry, appears as an overlapping of three images which represent Bjork. The first one to appear is a regular film type image, in color, which centers the face of the singer, eyes closed, lengthened, in a close-up. On this image, overlaps the second image of Bjork, as if projected on a screen, in bluish tones, which also centers the face of the singer. This image that seems less real is paradoxically more alive, because Bjork moves and sings. The third image represents the singer running, under the aspect of a video game character.

The first image represents the character that sleeps in the song. The singer indeed says " I through all this / before you wake up go ", and so speak to a part of herself. So, another part of her makes a "hyperballad", represented by the video game character, which appears from the face of “inanimate Bjork”, and begins to run. The character that sings through the video projected image makes the link between the two others, and overlaps at certain moments on the first image.

The device set up by Gondry is made possible by the technique of composing, which allows to overlay elements of diverse sources on an image, to embed digitally and instantly a fragment of image, well confined in another image, to create a composed image, which imposes a new mode of representation. The depth of field in this clip results from the superposition of those three layers of images. What the editing spreads over the time in this very singular succession of shots, the video mixing allows the viewer to see it in one time, in the simultaneity of the compound image.  

With this technique, modes of associations are more diverse and freer, but still ruled by the work on images